Solar Ray is the #1 Solar Water Heating System in SA

Leaders in Solar Water Heating! Solar Ray water heaters are available in high pressure water heaters, as well as gravity fed water heater .

Solar Ray's Hot Water Systems are available in 100, 150 & 200 litre options, ensuring a perfectly sized system to meet all your hot water demands.

Number 1 Solar Geyser Manufacturer

Select from a wide range of systems

Solar Ray offers a range of solar water heating systems to cater for various household needs.
Each system offers specific and unique benefits such as aesthetic appeal, environmental and water conservation, versatility as well as guaranteed reliability.
Solar Ray Water Heaters are designed and manufactured locally and will give you years of trouble free service.

By installing a SOLAR RAY Water Heater to supplement or replace your existing geyser can reduce your water heating bill by as much as 70%